Video Clips

A place where we can display footage of relevance to the membership!

This first video is "How to Tie Your Belt".  All students should know how to tie their own belt!  Please practice at home, along with your minimum 10 press-ups and 10 sit ups each day.

So here are Annabel, Daniel, and Jamie Callan performing in their front room, before they even took their first grading.

At the present, Annabel and Daniel are ranked Shodan.



Here's a funny one:


Our talented students have skills outside of their Karate, too:


 Here's Sensei Liam and Sensei Dale larking about at the 2009 Children in Need bash.  Andrew Green shot the footage and snuck it up onto Youtube...

Please also see the Bunkai footage over at

Please remember, these are for entertainment and education use only, and no-one can give you permission to use a move that breaks the law.  As such, martial artists must be aware of the law, and in particular how it relates to "use of force" pertaining to self protection.

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