The following are the parts of the syllabus for you to download and read at your leisure.  They form a vital background guide and reference for the grading material.

Please only download the parts appropriate to your current grade:

White Belt  
Kihon kata: 

Orange Belt 
Heian Shodan:

Red Belt   
Heian Nidan: 

Yellow Belt   
Heian Sandan: 

Green Belt    
Heian Yondan: 

Purple Belt   
Heian Godan:

Purple & White Belt

Brown Belt

Brown & White Belt

Brown & Double White Belt

Shodan Black Belt

Nidan Black Belt

Sandan Black Belt

Happy Reading!

Every student, no matter what grade, should be able to tie their own belt.  To help you to practice this at home, we present the following short video for free:

Video Downloads

Downloads are available of your syllabus DVDs.  These videos feature your Basics, Kumite, Kata, and Oyo that you must know in order to get your next belt.  The physical DVDs are available from your instructor, or you can download them directly from this site.  DVDs are 15 each to members, the downloads are $12.50 due to the lesser production costs.

Also presented here is the "extra" page for you to add into your licence book when you have filled out the current Seminars and courses info:

Licence book page

Make good use of the multitude of courses and seminars and special guest instructors that we offer you.   I travel the country to find the best knowledge and training, and then bring it here for you.  Make good use of it and meet some people who will form your "dojo stories" for the next generation.
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